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Monday, 28 July 2014

Happy Monday! Its Nigeria, who knows the weather? Lost the sunlight to rain, giving a cold evening after Church wearing a blue suit with my favourite brown derby. The rain tried to spoil the shoot but it ended up giving such a calm feel that made the green trees brilliant. The blue suit definitely matches the brown oxfords(no fashion risks) with red suspenders to give it a retro feel. Suits are advisable in this rainy season, or any kind of jackets really and I love the blue colour combo(jacket and trouser) with white shirt, brown shoe(derby) and red(suspenders and cufflink). Check out those amazing black glasses transparent enough for official outing and suitable for an evening outing when you don't have to bother about the bright equatorial sun.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

summer just got hotter

Yea...summer just got hotter. Check out the new Joseph cheany and sons. summer shoe release, trust me that's what you need for a classy look

Sunday, 30 March 2014


Welcome. Not just to style attorney but to the world of your fashion-amazing mind you are yet to discover or have discovered already.
Everyone wants to look fabulous. It works out well for some and not so well for the others. Trust me the gap between where you are and looking fabulous isn't as far as you think. Style is a puzzle, and i'm here to fix that puzzle, not alone though but with you. This is no fashion lecture blog, lets just have fun and share opinion, cause your opinion matters the most. It's time to look fabulous